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Professional Risk & Threat Assessments

Assessments that address Threats, Risks, Vulnerabilities, and any Potential "Gaps" in the Current Security Plan.

Security Risk Assessments

Security and Risk Consultants - Australia

Threat and

risk assessment

mean different things to different people. Security professionals, police, military personnel, psychologists, and school counselors all use the term and conduct tasks they define as threat and risk assessments. These tasks are all predictive in nature, but very different.

There are generally 5 types of identified business risk as the image above shows. The sector that we operate in is

Operational Risk

and it is just as important as the other types listed. All facilities and organizations face a certain level of risk associated with various threats.  These threats may be the result of natural causes, accidents or intentional acts designed to cause harm, or gain advantage from others.

Regardless of the nature of the threats all managers and business leaders have a responsibility to avoid, mitigate or limit harmful risks and prevent loss or damage to the extent possible.

Threat Assessment Approaches

Why conduct a

threat assessment?

Are you planning for protection of your facilities and critical infrastructure against insider threats, or terrorist attack, or even natural disasters. Alternatively, are you enabling your security personnel to identify hostile reconnaissance or threatening individuals such as shooters, terrorists or potential vandals.

Physical security

and security procedures are usually the first line of practical defence for any organisation. Sadly, in today’s IT driven world, physical security is often overlooked in favour of technological IT solutions and this approach has led to catastrophic consequences for some organisations.

It is much better to prevent an incident than use technology to record it and then investigate it. Technical IT solutions on their own will not defeat a determined intruder or attacker. All the

cyber-security measures

in the world are worthless if there are vulnerabilities in the structure or security systems of the facility.


security consultancy

specialises in delivering holistic, targeted

security assessments

at all levels of the enterprise and we work closely with your planners, policy makers, security personnel, and any external stakeholders, to help you understand the full risk landscape. Furthermore, we devise solutions and processes to mitigate present and emerging security threats.

There are many methodologies that exist on how to conduct these assessments and the solutions often span across both physical and intangible aspects such as planning, policy development and implementing procedures. However, in most situations some form of technology is required. The other important component of the assessment is putting in place a framework for recovery and

business continuity

which should be periodically reviewed due to constantly changing environments.

Below is an outline of some basic risk aspects that need to be considered, whatever the type of business or organisation.

Effective & Strategic Risk Management

  • What needs to be protected?
  • What is their value to the organisation?
  • Who and/or what are the known threats and vulnerabilities?
  • What are the implications if assets are damaged, stolen, or lost?
  • What can be done to minimize exposure to potential loss or damage?
  • What steps can be taken to enable quick recovery to normal operating conditions?
  • Can all of the above be documented and periodically reviewed for compliance?

At Cornerstone

Security Consulting,

we evaluate all the above aspects with stakeholders and in harmony with the relevant Australian standards, codes of practice and in some cases the

Australian Protective Security Policy Framework


We then document our findings and assessments into meaningful, clear reports that (may) include recommendations to establish objectives, goals, and provide impetus for positive change.

In turn, a healthier and safe work environment is realized. Please feel free to call us anytime on 1300 952 784 for a confidential discussion on carrying out a full, or special area,

risk assessment

for your organisation or facility.