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Useful Security Site Links

Security Planning, Processes, Design Guidelines & Use of Technology.

We highly recommend that high risk businesses and organisations implement these recommendations with the help of external

"Independent" Security Consultants

 to ensure optimal compliance and safe implementation.

Security Threat Level
Australian National Security
Visit to see the current threat level and other important security related information.
Australian Protective Security Framework
Protective Security Policy Framework
This site has a wealth of valuable security information, particularly for Government Departments, who need guidelines on physical and Information security as well as governance requirements.
Protection of National Infrastructure
Centre for The Protection of National Infrastructure
Another great site from the United Kingdom. However very applicable to Australian NZ and US conditions. It covers many security issues with a wealth of information and downloadable guidelines.
Explosive Device Guidelines for Crowded Places
Explosive Device Guidelines for Crowded Places
This links to the Australian Government's National Security Website and has guidelines on how to respond if you are at the site of an IED attack.
Homeland Security Website for Emergency Planning
Link to Homeland Security United States
This is the US's key site for provision of straight forward advice and practical guidelines on protecting people and businesses from a wide range of risks and threats.