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Independent CCTV, Security, ICT, and Risk Consultants

A Summary of Cornerstone Security Consultancy's Capabilities and our Mission Statement.

Expert Security and Risk Consultants Australia

Independent Security Consultants

Established in 2016, formally Advanced Security Management, Cornerstone

Security Consulting

Pty Ltd is an independent and privately owned Australian company providing high quality professional services in the areas of security design, engineering, and risk mitigation.

We collaborate with government, private companies, organisations and strata teams to deliver innovative expertise for security projects and risk mitigation measures across a broad range of enterprises, buildings, precincts and infrastructure.

With offices in Sydney and Brisbane our experienced and dedicated team of well-known professionals design physical and procedural solutions to address complex security issues and leave you with peace of mind knowing that that all possible measures are in place for maximum protection of your people, buildings, assets and information.

Leading Security Consultancy


Security Consulting

 has decades of experience and the unique capability to plan, design and oversee all your security project requirements at any scale, and in compliance with Australian laws, codes of practice and sector specific guidelines.

All our core team and associates have had extensive "real-world" experience in many security related fields and bring a wealth of expert technical knowledge to the company. They also have Diplomas or Cert IV's in Security and Risk Management and are recognized by state police forces as licensed security consultants - Grade 2ABC.

Our experience enables your company or organisation to make strategic decisions with accurate and up to date information in harmony with "best practice" engineering. These decisions can prevent costly mistakes and ensure solutions delivered by vendors are fit for purpose, scalable and relatively future proof.

The principal

security consultant

, Gary Howarth, has over 38 years' experience from both Australia and the UK, where he lived for over 10 years. During much of that time, he was a

technical security consultant

to the UK Central Government Security team that were responsible for protecting critical national infrastructure and high-risk facilities throughout the UK.

He also has extensive experience in designing integrated solutions for corrections, justice departments, public spaces, water treatment plants, financial institutions, and many global organisations.

- Our Continuing Mission -

Cornerstone Security Consulting - Australia

"Our mission is to excel in providing ethical, up to date and holistic security consultancy services that combine to help you protect your people, property, assets, and information from harmful threats and security risks while maintaining absolute independence and impartiality"