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Detect and Prevent Hostile Reconnaissance.

Cornerstone Security Provides Guidelines and Strategies to Counter This Threat.

Preventing Hostile Reconnaissance

Hostile Reconnaisance Can Be Prevented

Over the last few decades terrorist threats have changed significantly. Gone are the days when security personnel or Police received a warn ing that a bomb had been planted somewhere and were given a fixed time to evacuate in order to avoid civilian casualties. Today, the reality is that the terrorist threat is there to maximize civilian targets and casualties, and the methods and techniques used will be many and varied.

The threats may come from terrorists, activists, spies or any other person scrutinizing your facility or organisation from near or far and understanding how terrorists and criminals work can help your security teams identify weak areas and breach points in the organisation.

Security teams need to be aware that hostile reconnaissance does happen and that by training to identify this reconnaissance "when it happens" or to prevent it from happening is the best form of defence. Furthermore, better understanding of this particular threat is a paramount first step in countering future attacks and can enable security management to try and determine the following;
  • What information the hostiles would be looking for and why.
  • Where the hostiles will go to obtain this information.
  • How far will they go (i.e. effort?, resources?, risk appetite?) to get the information they need?
Below is a simple chart that highlights the three basic principles of countering hostile reconnaissance and we can work with your organisation to discuss these and develop strategies for mitigating against this risk.

Security Consultants

Cornerstone Consulting can help you develop a plan to mitigate against hostile reconnaissance and please call us on 1300 952 785 if you require assistance. Furthermore, if you would like to download a key document produced by the UK CPNI for mitigating against hostile reconnaissance please go to the "Useful Resources" page or click here.